A Documentation of the Ata-Manobo Dances in Talaingod, Davao del Norte

Jezreel M. Abarca


This study is a documentation of the indigenous “lumad” dances among the tribal communities in the Davao Region particularly the Ata – Manobo of Talaingod, Davao del Norte. The researcher immersed herself in the community to document the necessary data and information regarding these tribal dances. There are eight identified indigenous dances namely; Aabaka, Bangkakow, Inamungan, Kalasag, Natarin, Pulutawi, Pungko and Tagudturan. These dances describe various social activities and people’s way of living. It also reveals the incomparable characteristics of the group who are humble, passionate and cheerful being. The fruitful experience to the “subject” is the best result of retrieving and documenting the “lumad” dances before other cultural genres will disrupt these original forms.


Abaka, Bangkakow, Inamungan, Kalasag, Natarin, Pulutawi, Pungko Tagudturan, Indigenous Dances, Davao Region, Davao del Norte, Ata – Manobo, Talaingod

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