Call for Papers: Call for Paper Publication

Brokenshire College-Research and Publication Office (BC-RPO) is once again inviting researchers who are willing to publish their research articles either in print or online. BC-RPO is open to publish research articles in diverse disciplines.

The office will be publishing four sets of journal publications soon. The four journals will be Akademia, Southeast Asian Interdisciplinary Research Journal Volume 2 Number 2, Internal Policy and Review journal, and Student Journal.

Researchers who will publish their research articles in any of the four journals will get the chance to be indexed in google scholar wherein various research outputs are stored and being utilized and cited by other researchers and readers. Being indexed in google scholar can be considered as great advantage for the researcher as pursuant to the researcher’s career.

Guidelines for Paper Publication:

1. The research paper must be formatted in a publishable article prior the submission. IMRAD format shall be obediently followed; see below:

a. Research Topic/Title
b. Abstract
c. Introduction
i. Statement of the Problem
ii. Hypothesis
d. Framework
e. Methods
i. Research Design
ii. Respondents and Sampling
iii. Research Instrument
iv. Data Analysis/Statistical Tool
v. Ethical Considerations (when necessary)
f. Results and Discussion
g. Conclusion
h. References

2. Font style must be Cambria and the font size shall be 11.

3. A Copyright Agreement shall also be understood and signed by both the author and the publisher as agreement to the publication policy.

4. Upon the submission of the formatted paper, the publication staff will search for qualified international peer reviewers to undergo the article into a double-blind peer review process. This means that the reviewer will review the article using an evaluation tool that will be provided by the BC-RPO, and that the reviewer will not know the identity of the author and so do the author about the reviewer.

5. The reviews will be sent to the author including a Researcher Revision Form (RRF) wherein the necessary revision/s of the paper shall be indicated. Further instructions regarding this section will be thoroughly given upon reaching this process.

6. Interested researchers may send their research articles at Further concerns regarding journal publication may also be sent at or may call at (+63)(082) 227 3538 local 154 and look for Rebecca Espera or Dr. Felix C. Chavez, Jr.