The Influence of Demographics, Organizational Commitment and Burnout towards the Turnover Intentions of Teachers

Raulyn C. Fuentes


The primary objective of this study is to determine the relationship of demographic indicators, organizational commitment, and burnout in relation to turnover intention among the selected secondary school teachers in Davao City. This study made use of descriptive-correlation method using the survey questionnaires to gather the responses of 95 respondents. The correlation and stepwise regression analysis were employed in this study to model the turnover intention using the indicator variables. The results revealed that number of years, organizational commitment and burnout slightly correlate with turnover intention. The indicators to influence turnover intention in this study are affective commitment and client burnout, thus, administrators should consider these indicators in order to retain the best and experienced employees in the organization. It is recommended that school managers should institutionalize programs for employees who stayed long to serve the organization; strengthen the organizational commitment, and develop programs to lessen the burnout of the employees.


: turnover intentions, organizational commitment, and burnout

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