Efficiency of the Web-Based Services of Davao Doctors College Library and the Level of Satisfaction of the Faculty and Students

Estela R. Dequito


Web-based services are services that are designed and delivered in a way that aligns well with Web Technologies. Libraries use their websites to provide services to users without their physical presence. This study was conducted to determine the efficiency and satisfaction level on the functionalities and features of the Web-Based Services offered by the DDCL. The study made use of the descriptive – correlational method of research employing a self-made questionnaire which underwent validation by three experts and reliability test. There were 400 respondents of the study, specifically 25 faculty members and 375 students randomly selected inside the Library. The statistical tools used in the study were Weighted Mean, ANOVA and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. Findings revealed that the efficiency and satisfaction levels on the web-based resources at DDC Library are high; noted though that in terms of E-Books, students rated them as moderately efficient and satisfactory; the mean ratings on the efficiency and satisfaction level of web-based resources significantly vary among students; and the efficiency of Web OPAC, E-journals and E-Books databases is significantly related or affected by the satisfaction level.


Library and Information Science, Web-based Services, Efficiency, Web-based Services, Satisfaction, Descriptive-Correlation and Comparative Design, Davao City

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