Preservation of Native Language and Desire on Globalization and the Cultural Identity among Indigenous Students

Exelsis Deo A. Deloy


Language plays a significant part in culture for the former allows the latter to exist. However, individuals want to discover things beyond their own culture--modernization, technology, English, formal education, migration and business. And these concepts are generally covered a nebulous term “Globalization”. It is said that if the native tongue of the indigents is preserved, the cultural heritage also will be preserved and vice versa. However, it is questioned that what if the students or indigenous people would develop interest to discover and learn things beyond their cultural identities or ethnicities — globalization, would this concept help for the betterment of their heritages or this will just deteriorate their nativity. The aim of this study was to find out the level of native language preservation and the extent of desire on globalization and their affects to the cultural identities particularly to the enrolled indigenous students in UM Tagum College.


Preservation, native language, desire, globalization, culture, identity, Indigenous Students

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