Level of Policy Awareness and Practices of the Students and Employees on the DDC Eco-Friendly Program

Corazon T. Dela Torre, Lily B. Babayen-on


This study aimed to find out the level of policy awareness and practices of the students and employees on the eco-friendly program at DDC. A descriptive-comparative and correlation method of research was used to compare the results of the students and employees and to correlate policy awareness and practices on Eco-friendly program of the college. A total enumeration of regular employees and students enrolled in the first semester from Davao Doctors College were the respondents of the study. Mean was used for the level of awareness and practices, Pearson-r for correlation and t-test for significant difference in the level of awareness and practices between employees and students. Both the employees’ and students’ awareness and practice are significantly correlated; it implies that the higher the awareness of the employees, the higher is their practice on the policies for eco-friendly programs in DDC. Employees and students’ level of policy awareness in terms of waste management, and power and water cost management are not significantly different, thus they have the same level of awareness regarding these policies. The employees and students’ levels of policy practices are significantly different. However, the levels of practices of the employees and students in terms of power and water cost management are not significantly different.


Policy awareness and practices, enhancement program, eco-friendly program

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