City e-Health with Geographic Information System and Decision-Support System

Noel P. Sobejana


The purpose of this paper is to implement a system that has been developed because of the importance of information technology in the present day scenarios in terms of monitoring resources in almost all institutions. The computer-based monitoring and the decision support system application specifically on health sector basically provides updated information and supports decision on the health situation of a community. Part of the research is to develop a system known as City e-Health, a system designed to provide Geographic Information System (GIS) and Decision Support System (DSS). In the software development process cycle, programming model is used to plan the various stages of developing an application. The respondents of this study are the City Health Offices and community health centers of the 26 communities of Digos City as a pilot study. Results of the survey showed on its preliminary observation that most of the six (6) majors cities have internet connection that are ready for implementation but no system available that are installed in the office. In the community level, not all selected office is ready to have a system but installing such project is highly commendable by the officials.


e-Health, Geographic Information System, Decision Support System, Agile Modeling, Scrum Model

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