Modeling Destination Attributes and Tourist Attitudes towards the Island Garden City of Samal

Ramon Crisostomo


The study aimed to understand the attitude of tourists, both foreign and local, towards the Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines. A predictive correlational design, in testing the proposed model depicting the relationship of island destination attributes and tourist attitude towards the destination was employed. A cross sectional approach, to data gathering was also employed and the survey, was the main method of
gathering the needed data. The profile of the respondents and the attributes of the island destination were analyzed using descriptive statistics; while the hypotheses of the study were tested using the multiple linear regression on employing the stepwise method. The results of the study indicated that majority of the tourists, who visit the island are between 31-45 years old. The destination attributes, which significantly predict the attitude of Filipino tourists, are water and power, accessibility and cost to travel, prices, landscape, andtransportation facilities. Among the foreign tourists, the prices,climate and weather, and transportation facilities significantlypredict their attitude. However, when the moderating effects ofthe demographic variables were investigated, among foreigntourists, no significant results were found. Comparatively, the Filipino tourists showed a more positive overall attitude than
the foreign tourists.


Destination Attributes, Tourist attitudes, Island Garden City of Samal

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