The School Context and the Learning Outcomes of Nursing Students of Brokenshire College: Basis of Academic Reform

Dynah T. Petilona


This study was conducted primarily to determine if the school context variables which include two major dimensions; the ecology of the school and the school culture significantly predict the learning outcomes of the nursing students. Descriptive survey research design utilizing a self-administered questionnaire was used in the study. A total of 578 respondents were surveyed using stratified cluster sampling. The statistical tool that were used in this study were the mean, standard deviation, and stepwise linear regression model. The results reveal that the mean responses regarding the provisions and conditions of the ecology of the school and school culture marked as moderately evident. Among the school culture variables , Instructional competence and the Attitudes of the students marked a significant findings, wherein the domains of Curriculum strongly influenced the Level 1 nursing students performance in terms of weighted performance average(WPA) but increased in the diversity of learning does not show that it could alleviate the Level 1 WPA; and the social regards for learning affects the Related learning Experience performance of the Level 3 nursing students while the domain in diversity of learners and community linkages does not show that it will improve student's performance. Attitudes of the students also influenced the learning outcomes in terms of Weighted Performance Average(WPA) of the Level 3 nursing students. Improvements in the working conditions increases the Weighted Performance Average (WPA) of the Level 2 nursing students while improvements in biology laboratory facilities does not show that it will increased student performance. School culture indicators marked the significant factor that strongly influenced the learning outcomes of the nursing students as compared to ecology of the school.


school context, learning outcome, academic reform

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