The Influence of Strategic Management Practices and Competitive Advantage On The Organizational Performance Of Higher Education Institutions

Melchorita S. Salvador


This study was conducted to find out the strategic management practices, competitive advantage and organizational performance of higher education institutions in Davao Region. The higher education institutions were from private schools and government owned universities and colleges with at least five hundred and above students. The respondents of the study were the top managers or senior officers such as Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s), Presidents, Vice-Presidents and junior officers such as Deans, Program Heads, Department Heads and Directors of higher education institutions for school year 2009-2010. The faculty and students were also included during the conduct of the study. The descriptive-correlational design was utilized in this study. The findings showed that the HEIs in Region XI manifested
extensive strategic management practices. The level of organizational performance of the participating HEIs is high. The highest performance, relative to the other dimensions, is in terms of resource management while the lowest is in terms of governance and management. HEIs with high investments in their human, information and organizational capitals tend to generate high returns in terms of their organizational performance. On other hand, institutions that manifest good practices in terms strategy formulation and strategy implementation are likely to have higher organizational performance outcomes. And competitive advantage as part of strategic management showed a remarkable positive influence on organizational performance among HEIs.


strategic management practices, competitive advantage and organizational performance

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