Critical Review of Selected Government and Non- Government Programs for Street Children in Davao City

Wilfreda Julve


The study focuses on the review of the various programs and projects for street children in Davao City undertaken by selected government and non-government organizations. It analyzes the programs and categorized them as economic and livelihood, education, and environment. The author went on to examine the problems encountered by the selected GO and NGOs in the course of the implementation of these programs. The analysis on the programs and projects and the problems encountered were based on the responses provided by the staff members of these organizations and subsequently validated from the interview conducted with the children-client of the organizations. The information gathered on the programs and the problems encountered then served as basis in outlining potential programs and projects that the Rizal Memorial Colleges (RMC) Community Extension Services (CES) may pursue for street children.


government and non-government organizations, programs and projects, street children, source of funds, Community Extension Services (CES)

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