Activity Tools

The chat tool is used in certain on-line courses to organise meetings with dispersed students to discuss certain matters concerning the course. Chat is not very useful in a classroom course that only uses Moodle as a support environment, though sometimes students may like to chat socially (One should be aware, however, that all chat sessions are recorded, so it's better not to get too social wink).

The Moodle chat tool is very simple. You can open the chat anytime, but your best bet is of course when there are other users in the course (The teacher can announce chat times in the Calendar). If there are other users already in the chat room, you will see their info listed. Once you enter the chat, the following window will pop-up (turn off you pop-up blocker, if you have one active):


The above image should be self explanatory.

If you have a slow connection, or you are at a very distant location from the server, it is possible that you will drop out of the chat from time to time, when your connection cannot manage refreshing the window in time. If you miss important sessions because of this, you can request from your teacher(s) that they publish the recorded chat session(s), so you can read back what was said.