Activity Tools

Moodle contains a wide variety of activity tools, all of which were concisely described in the Beginners' manual (which you should have checked before reading this manual!).

Certain Moodle tools have a very specific use, like the Choice or the Survey tools. Others are very flexible and can be put to many uses, such as the forum or the glossary tools. The choice of tool is mostly up to the teacher who builds the course, but students can always suggest the use of certain tools for certain activities if they have good experiences with those tools. Remember that in on-line learning you play a role in shaping your own learning experience.

The list of activity tools in this manual is not complete, or exhaustive, since it would take up too much time and space to describe every imaginable use of every tool, when in fact many of those instructions would describe the blatantly obvious (or would apply to such rara occasions that it is not worthwhile to mention them here). We prefer to think you are able to figure out the simple things for yourself, so we will go into those areas where you might need some extra information.