Activity Tools

The Assignment tool contains a task which you have to carry out. Often you will be required to upload and submit your work via the computer, but assignments can also involve writing a text online, or off-line tasks (for example a presentation in class or via LearnLinc).

Assignments normally have a deadline that has to be observed. When the due date and time have passed, you cannot hand in your work anymore. It is therefore important to use proper time management when working on a web course. Note that due times are listed as course events in the Calendar and appear in the Upcoming Events box.

There are four assignment types available (listed in order of popularity):

Uploading a single file

When you look at an assignment that requires you to upload a file you see something like this:


Clicking the Browse button brings up a window, with which you can locate files in your PC. Select the drive and folder, in which you saved your work.


Once you have handed in your work (as one file), you can see the file on the assignment page and check it. If by any chance you should have submitted the wrong (version of the) file, you can upload the correct file and it will replace the one that was uploaded earlier.

When you have submitted, the teacher can access your file and give feedback/comments (Normally, after the deadline although a teacher may give you intermittent feedback on an ongoing task as well). Usually, you will also be given a grade. You will be notified of this automatically. To see the feedback you can return to the assignment:


Note, that in some assignments the teacher can also upload a file. For example, to hand you in advance a file with which you need to work, or to return to you a corrected version of the file you uploaded. This teacher file is called a response file (See the part about the advanced uploading of files assignment further down on this page).