Activity Tools

The lesson tool is normally a multi-page resource. It can be used for text comprehension, or for learning by trial and error, or as a quiz. It will present you with a page of learning material, like text, pictures and/or sound/video which is linked to a question. If you answer the question correctly, you get feedback and can continue to the next part. If you answer incorrectly, you get feedback and will be returned to the lesson material or to a page with additional information. Usually, you can take lessons more than once, except when they are used by the teacher as exam tools.

Different question types are possible; they resemble the questions of the Quiz tool. There are multiple choice questions with one or more than one correct answer, true/false questions, matching questions, calculated (numerical) questions, short answer questions and essay writing questions. Note that in case of short answer questions much attention needs to be paid to correct spelling and punctuation, because grading is automatic (there is no teacher override). The essay questions must of course be graded manually by the teacher.

If a lesson contains only auto-graded questions, you will be given your results immediately when you finish the lesson:


The more attempts you need to answer a question correctly, the lower your grade will be. The number of attempts per question is limited, so often you will have to do the lesson again to improve your grade.

Essay Questions

Lessons can also be used as text based quizzes, complete with a timer and password access. These quizzes are also the ones most likely to contain essay (open writing) questions, of which this is an example:


After writing your answer you click the long button at the bottom and continue to the next question (or the end of the lesson). Note that essay questions must be manually graded (and commented upon!) by the teacher, so you will not get your full grade for the lesson until the teacher has graded it!