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2.2.13 The News Forum

This covers all of the activities available from the “Add an activity” menu. There is another activity that is useful – the News forum. You will notice that at the top of the class pages there is a forum called “News forum.” The “News forum” is always present, and the system recreates it if you delete it.
The News forum is a place for you to post news items relating to your class. To add a news item, click on the News forum icon at the top:


Before we “Add a new topic,” I want to point out the link in the upper right. By default, “Everyone is subscribed to this forum.” This means that every time you add a news item, the system will email everyone in the class automatically. To change this option, click on the “Everyone is subscribed to this forum” link, and it will change to where the students have the option to sign up to get emailed. If you do change this, and then want to change back, click on the “Everyone can choose to subscribe” link.

If you click on the “Add a new topic” button, you will be taken to a screen where you give the announcement a name, type the details of the actual announcement, and have the option to attach a file to the announcement. The attachment can be any file – Word, PowerPoint, etc. When you are done adding the announcement, click on “Save changes.” The system will then tell you that you have 30 minutes to make changes to the announcement. Click on “Continue.” The news item will now show up in the news forum:


If you go back to the main screen (click on the short class name), you will see that the “headline” now appears on the right under “Latest news” (unless you have “Latest news” disabled):


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