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imageSo, now that you understand about roles… how do you implement them? Well, remember you can assign roles either for the entire course… or on a block-by-block or activity-by-activity basis (we’ll get to those later). To assign roles for the entire course, look at your administration block.

You’ll notice that you now have an Assign Roles option. When you click on this link, you will see the following screen:


Here you can click on any of the roles that you have the ability to assign to the students enrolled in your course. For our example, I’ll click on “Non-editing teacher”. This will bring us to our next screen.


At this point, you simply select the name from the list of potential users, and use the arrow buttons to move them to the existing users list. This user will now be a Non- editing teacher for your entire course. If you want them removed from this role in your course, just select them from the “existing users” column and click the opposite arrow. (This is how you can manually add and remove users from your course)