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After you’ve created your groups, you’ll be able to edit them by using the various buttons located underneath the group lists, as illustrated in the picture below:


Edit grouping settings: Allows you to update the grouping name and/or description.

Delete grouping: Removes the grouping (note any groups that are in the grouping will remain, but will no longer be part of a grouping unless they have already been assigned to another one).

Create grouping: Allows you to give a name and description to a new grouping.

Printer-friendly display: Shows an indented list of all your groupings & groups.

Edit group settings: Allows to update the group name, description, enrollment key, picture and add the group to other groupings.

Create group in grouping: Allows you to create a new group in a grouping.

Create orphan group: Allows you to create a new group that is not assigned to any grouping.

Add/remove users: Lets you add or remove users to your selected group.