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1.1.6 Import

The “Import” link in the Administration block will take you to the following screen:


Here, you can choose another Moodle course that you want to copy some content from. (This is great for instructors who use some of the same material in multiple courses) Either choose the course from the drop down lists “Courses I have taught” or “Courses in the same category”, or type in the name of the course and click the search courses button. Notice that you will only see courses that you are enrolled in as a teacher.

Also before we move on, note that there is also an import groups section. This area lets you upload a CSV (comma separated value) file with pre established groups. You can click on the help icon for more information, but we won’t go into great detail on this subject since most instructors will manually create groups for each course.

When you have selected the course you want to copy data from, you should see a window similar to this one:


Here, you can pick which areas you want copied to your course. When you have made your choices, press the “Continue” button and follow the instructions to complete the process.