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1.1.8 Reports

The next link in the Administration block is named “Reports”. When you click on the “Reports” link, the following screen appears:


As you can see, the reports page is divided into four boxes, or sections. The top section entitled “Choose which logs you want to see:” has a variety of different drop-down menus that let you narrow your results of the logs. The drop downs are (from left-toright, top-to-bottom) courses, participants, date, activities, actions (view, add, update, delete all changes) and display (Display on page, download in text format, download in ODS format, or download in Excel format). When you click on the “Get these logs” button, you’ll see the following information:


Up at the top, you have the same drop down boxes as previously mentioned, where you can refine your logs if necessary. Notice that the results shown at the bottom gives you the Time, IP Address, Full Name, Action and Information about the records that meet your criteria.

If you return the main page of reports, notice that the second section has a link for “Activity Report”. When you click on this link, you’ll see a summation of all the activity in your course. It should look something like this:


Here, you are shown a break down of the activities and resources in your course, the number of times they have been viewed, and the last time they were viewed.

The third section on the main page lets you run a participation report. Here, you can choose an Activity Module, a period of time to “Look back”, which users to show, and which actions to show. When you press the “Go” button, a page similar to this one will appear:


This screen shows you some basic information about what that user did, based on your criteria. You can also check mark the “Select” box next to their name, and then from the “With Selected Users” drop down, you can choose to send them an email message.

The final section on the main page has a link for “Statistics” (if this is replaced by the phrase “Statistics is not currently enabled” this means that your administrator hasn’t activated this feature). When you click on the “Statistics” link, you will see graphs and tables which show how many hits there have been on various parts of your site during various time frames. They do not show how many distinct users there have been.