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1.1.10 Scales

This screen allows you to create a word-based evaluation scale (like “fair,” “excellent,”etc.). The screen should look something like this:

From here, you can add a new scale by clicking on “Add a new scale.” This will bring up a scale like this:

Name – This is the name of the scale. It can be anything that you like. In my example, I will call it “Computer Scale.”

Scale – This is where you input your scale words. You can have as many as you like, but they need to be separated by commas, and they should be from the lowest level comment (like “Poor”) to the highest level comment (like “Excellent”).

Description – This is an optional field. You may type anything you like here.

My example now looks like:


When you are done typing in the information, click on “Save changes.” The new scale will now be available to the resources that can use it (more on that later), and it appears on the list of scales: