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1.1.11 Files

This allows you to upload files to the server. Students do not have access to these files unless you link them to another part of the site (more on that later). A file can be text documents, sound files, spreadsheets, and more. When you click on this link, you will see a screen like this:


You can select files or folders, by check marking the box to the left of the name (or by using the “Select all” / “Deselect all” buttons). Once the file or folder is selected you can choose from the “With chosen files” drop-down menu to either:

Move to another folder – will let you choose which folder you want to move the file to
Delete completely – removes the file from the system
Create Zip archive – creates a zip file of the files or folders that have been selected

Under the action column, you will always have the option to “Rename” the file… and if you have a zip file, you will also have the option to unzip, list (which will show a list of the contents) or restore (which, if it is a backup file can be used to restore your course, as previously discussed).

You can create a new folder for organizational purposes by clicking on “Make a folder.” Or, to add a file to your classroom, click on “Upload a file.” This will take you to a screen that looks like this:


You can browse for a file on your computer by clicking on the “Browse” button. When you have located the file, click on “Upload this file” to load the file into your class.