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1.2.1 Profiles

To see all of the information on a person in your class, click on the person’sname. You should see a screen like this:


(This screen will appear anytime you click on a person’s hyper linked name anywhere in the Moodle system) You will notice a picture of an envelope next to your email address. If you click on the envelope, it disables all Moodle-generated email (from any discussion forums that you are subscribed to, etc.) from being sent to that address. This is a quick way to disable email from being sent to you when you are on vacation or the like.

In addition to the “Profile” tab, there can also be an “Edit Profile”, “Forum posts”, “Blog”, and “Activity reports”. Edit profile will only show up if you’re looking at your own profile. “Activity reports” will only appear if you’re looking at one of your student’s profile.