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To edit your personal information, click on “Edit profile.” This allows you to change information about yourself. If you click on this you will see something like this:


Most of the fields are straightforward, but several need special attention:

Email display – This allows you to show or hide your email in the class. You can set it so all users (including guests) can see your email, or so that only other students in the class can see your email address, or so that no one can see your email address at all.

Email digest type – This setting allows you to choose how you want to receive any emails you get from forums. There are three choices:

“No digest” – there is no email digest created – you will get every post, in full, that is made to a forum that you are subscribed to.

“Complete” – this creates a single email digest of all the posts made to a forum you are subscribed to. You will get one email per day containing all of the posts made to the forum.

“Subjects” – this creates a single email digest that contains just the subject lines from the posts to any forums you are subscribed to. You can go to any topic that you are interested in.

Forum auto-subscribe – This setting lets you decide if you want email copies of posts that are added to forums (bulletin boards). If you set this to subscribe, the system will email you copies of new posts in forums that you join.

When editing text – This can usually be left on “Use HTML editor.” This allows for text formatting options, but requires newer browsers. If you find your browser is not letting you edit text, change this setting to “Use standard web forms.”

Description– This can be anything you like – “Teacher,” “Mr. Riordan – CVCA,” or any text you like.

New picture – If you wish, you may upload a picture to represent you. To do this, click on the “Browse” button and find the picture you would like to upload, and click on “Open.”

When you are finished, click on “Update profile.” You will now see your updated profile.