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1.9.2 The Blog Menu Block

You now have another block you can add to your course called “Blog Menu”. To add this block, first turn editing on in your course, and then from the “Blocks” block, choose “Blog Menu” from the drop-down menu. This puts a block in your course that looks like this:


Add a new entry: When any user in your class clicks on this, they will add a blog entry that will be directly associated with your particular class

View my entries: Any user that clicks here will see all the posts they’ve created, whether they are personal, for your course or for another course

Blog preferences: Here any user can set the number of blog entries that will appear per page.

View course entries: This will show ONLY the blogs that were created in association with this particular class.

View site entries: Will give access to view all the blogs throughout the Moodle installation.

Add/delete tags: Gives the user the ability to manage their user defined tags.