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1.9.3 The Blog Tags block

Another block you can add to your course is called “Blog Tags”. To add this block, first turn editing on in your course, and then from the “Blocks” block, choose “Blog Tags” from the drop-down menu. This puts a block in your course that looks like this:


This block is what is called a “Tag Cloud” it lists all the different tags that are used in the blogs, and the more often a tag is used (throughout different blogs) the larger the tag becomes. When you click on any tag, it will take you to the blogs that contain that tag. For example, these are the blogs that generated the above tag cloud:


The tag “Bombay” was used as a tag in both blogs, so that is why “Bombay” is a larger word. This can be an extremely efficient way to sift through user-generated content, as long as it is constructively tagged.

You can also edit the “Blog Tags” block, by clicking on edit button (hand holding a pencil) when editing is turned on for your course. When you do, you’ll see the following screen:
blog tags
Here, you can give the Blog tags block a different title, choose how many tags to display (up to 50 of the most commonly used ones), choose how many days old tags can be to be displayed, and choose to sort the tags either by the tag text, or by the date the tag was last used.