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1.9.4 Calendar

The calendar shows events that are happening in your classroom. Events are added to the calendar, and can be for individual users, for your defined groups, or for your courses. If you add closing dates to assignments, forums, quizzes, etc., these will also show up on the calendar. My calendar looks like this (with a few assignment dates on it):

imageYou can view previous or future months by clicking on the left or right arrows next to the current month’s name. Today’s date is always outlined in black (September 20th in my example). Other vents are color coded based on what the event is (the color key is under the calendar). On my calendar, I have due dates for course activities showing (on the 21st and the 24th).

You can hide or show the various categories of events by clicking on the color key. This can make the calendar easier to read (especially if there are many events on the calendar). For example, if I wanted to hide any group events dates (events assigned to groups you create), I would click on “Group events” on the bottom of the calendar. This would hide all the (group) events, and the color code would disappear from the link on the calendar. To show the events again, click on the link at the bottom of the calendar (“Global events,” etc.). Any (and multiple) of the categories can be hidden. Hiding/showing events changes only your account – hiding group information does not hide it for every member of the group, but only for you. Also, hiding a category of events is only temporary – you will see all events the next time you log in.

To see more detail on an event, you can click on thedate in question. If I click on the 21st I get a screen like this:


This tells me all of the events on the day I on which clicked.

Back on the main screen, if I click on the month link (“September 2004”), I will get an expanded month view:


Both the daily detail screen and the monthly detail screen have the “Preferences” button in the upper right. This button leads to a screen like this:


In the “Time display format” setting, you can choose either a 12 or 24 hour format. In the “First day of week” setting, you can choose the day of the week that your calendar week will start on. The next two settings (“Maximum upcoming events” and “Upcoming events look-ahead”) affect how the “Upcoming Events” block displays information. You maychange any of these settings to suit your class needs. “Remember filter settings” if enabled, will remember your last event filter settings and automaticallyrestore them each time you login. When you have finished any changes, click on “Save changes.”

Both the daily and monthly detail screens have the “New Event” button. This allows you to manually add events for your classes (However, please note that the system will automatically add due dates for assignments, quizzes, etc. when you create those activities). If you click on “New Event,” you will see a screen something like this:


In my example, I can add a user event, a group event, or a course event. A user event is private – no one else can see your user events (a personal date book). A group event can only be seen by the members of the group you choose in the pull-down menu. A course event is viewable by everyone enrolled in your class. The other type of event, global events, are set by site administrators.

An event is anything you want to show up on the calendar. For my example, I will add a user event. If I click on “OK,” I will see a screen like this:


- Name – this can be anything you like, but probably should be short. -Description – this is the full details of the event.
- Date – this sets the date and time of the event. The default is today’s date.
- Duration – this sets how long the event lasts. It can have no duration (the default), can last minutes, days, or more (by setting the date in the “Until” line), or can last a set number of minutes.
- Repeats – this field sets if the event repeats weekly or not. If it does repeat, you must set how many events to create.

When you are done filling in the information, click on “Save changes.” You will then be taken to a detail screen of the event you just put in:


You may edit the entry by clicking on the hand holding the pencil and you may delete the entry by clicking on the “X” on the right-hand side.

One thing to notice – the small calendar on the right should update; there is now a light blue (user event) entry on the 18th.

For any given day, only one color will show. The highest “rank” color will show – the global event color always shows if it is present, then course events, then group events, and finally user events (the user event colors only show if there are no other higher events on the same day).