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1.9.7 Messages

imageIf you add the “Messages” block, you can create your own instant messaging area. The block will initially look like the picture shown at right.

imageIf you click on the “Messages…” link, it will open a new window that looks like the picture shown at left. In the “Contacts” tab, you will see a list of any contacts you have added to your account. (In this example, none have been added yet).

To add contacts, you can click on the “search tab. You will see the page shown at right. Here, you can search for a person to send a message to, or to add to your contacts. Or, you can search your messages for certain keywords.

If you search for a person, the results will appear like what you see at the left. If you click on the name, you will send a message to that person. If you click on the white face after the name, it will add the person to your contact list (or if the face is brown, it will remove the person from your contact list). If you click on the green octagon, it will block that person from your messages (or if the octagon is red, you can click it and unblock). If you click on the last icon, it will show you a history of the messaging you have had with that person.

The last tab in the messaging window is the “Settings” tab. When clicked, your window will look like this:

These settings are all self explanatory. You can make the appropriate changes that suit your needs, and then press the “Save my settings” button.