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2.0 Editing your class:

This is where the majority of things happen in your classroom. This is where you add discussion boards, journals, tests, quizzes, online resources and more. To start editing your page, click the "Turn editing on" button (on the left-hand side, or at the top right of the page).

This will change the look of the page slightly. Editing symbols will now appear next to existing features, and two "Add" boxes will now be in each topic box (or week box if you use Weekly format):


For existing items (like "News forum" above) there is a series of symbols next to the item. If you "hover" over each symbol with the mouse, it will tell you what the button does:


The right-facing arrow indents the item (for organizational purposes). If the item is already indented, there will be a left-facing arrow to “un-indent” the item.

The double arrows move the item up or down in the list.

The hand holding the pencil edits the item.

The “X” deletes the item.

The eye hides the item from students (or shows the item if it is already hidden).

The person symbol allows you to toggle the item between “No Groups,” “Visible Groups,” and “Separate Groups.” (See 1.1.3 Groups for more details on groups.)