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2.1.1 Compose a text page

This resource allows you to post a page of text (text that you type in or cut-and-paste from another document). To add a text page, select it from the “Add a resource” menu:


You will then see a screen like this:


Name - can be anything you like. This is what the students will see in the classroom.

Summary - is a brief summary of the main text. It is used to help students quickly determine if the resource is relevant to what they are looking for. The summary box supports formatting (bold, underline, etc.) that can be found on the tool bar.

Full text - is where the main text is entered. By default, the text box supports emoticons and web addresses become hyper-links. This behavior can be changed in the “Formatting” pull-down menu under the full text box.

Formatting - is a pull-down menu that defines how the text box is interpreted. You have the following options available:
-Moodle auto-format.” This is a good all-purpose setting thatsupports hyperlinking and emoticons.
- Plain-text – pick this formatting if you want the text to look just like you typed it(no emoticons or hyper-links).
- Markdown format – pick this formatting if you want to use markdown formatting (which looks a lot like text email formats).

Window: Show (or Hide) settings - lets you change how the resource is viewed. By default, theresource appears in the same browser window that the user started in. If you want it to open another browser window, click on “Show settings” and select “New window.” You can then also define how big the new window will be, and other options.

When you are finished, click on “Save changes.” My classroom now has a resource called “Computer Safety 101”: