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2.1.3 Link to a file or web site

This resource adds a quick link to files you have uploaded to the classroom, or it adds a link to other websites. To add a link, select “Link to a file or web site” from the “Add a resource” menu:


This will take you take you to a screen like this:


Name – this is the name of the resource. It can be anything (it does not have to be a web address).

Summary – this is a brief description of the resource. It shows up in the listing of all resources (in the Activities block or in the navigation “breadcrumb” at the top of the page). This helps students quickly decide if the information is relevant to what they are looking for.

Location - is the actual path to the file or web site that you want to post. If you are uploading a file, you click on the “Choose or upload a file” button. This brings up a page like this:


If the file you want is there, click on “Choose” on the right-hand side of the screen. If you need to upload the file from your computer, click on the “Upload a file” button. This opens up a screen like this:


This allows you to browse for the file you are looking for by clicking on the “Browse” button. Once you find the file, double-click on it. The path will fill in for you; click on “Upload this file.” The file will then be available for you to select.

If you want to add a web address, you can simply type it, or you can click on “Search for a web page.” This opens up a new window for you to search for the web page you want. Once you find it, you can copy the address and paste it in the “Location” box.

Window: Hide (or Show) settings - lets you change how the resource is viewed. By default, the resource appears in the same browser window that the user started in. If you want it to open the page in a new browser window, click on “New window.” You can then also define how big the new window will be, and other options.

Parameters: Show (or Hide) settings - lets you see and set parameters for settings you might need to pass to another website. A common use of this is to pass a user name and password to another site so your students can have access to the site. There are many options of parameters to pass, and the ones you would use depend on the site you are linking to. You can leave these settings blank for most uses.

Visible to Students - If it is set to “Show” will allow your students to see this page. If it is set to hide, your students will not see the page (useful if you’re still editing it!).

When you are done, click on “Save settings.”