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2.1.4 Display a directory

This resource allows the students to view an entire directory (folder) at once. The directory and the files in it must already exist (they can be added using the “Files” link in the “Administration” block). It is a great way to make many files available using just one link. To add a directory, select it from the “Add a resource” menu:


This brings up a screen like this:


Name – this can be anything you like (it does not have to be the same as the name of the directory).

Summary – this is a short description of what the directory contains. This helps students quickly determine if the files will be relevant to what they are looking for.

Display a directory – this drop-down menu allows you to pick from any directories (folders) that you have created for your classroom. These directories must already exist (they can be created using the “Files” section of the “Administration” block). Note that if you pick a directory that has other directories (folders) inside of it, the students have access to those files as well.

Visible to Students - If it is set to “Show” will allow your students to see this page. If it is set to hide, your students will not see the page (useful if you’re still editing it!).

When you are finished, click on “Save changes.”