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2.1.6 Add an IMS Content Package

When you turn editing on in your class, you have a drop-down menu labeled as “Add a resource”. There is now a choice in this drop-down list, called “Add an IMS content Package”. An IMS content package is one of the standards used for sharing content backand- forth between different Learning Management systems. If you were using a different Learning Management system at another institution, and exported your course information in an IMS compatible format, you would then be able to upload that content as a resource in Moodle. When you choose “Add an IMS content Package” from the drop-down list, you get the following screen:


Here, you can give your IMS package a name and summary, choose the location of your package file, and choose whether the contents open in the same window or a new window. You can also set various parameters for your content, including: a navigation side menu, table of contents, navigation buttons, skip sub-menu pages and an up button.

This covers all of the options in the “Add a resource” menu.