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2.2.1 Advanced uploading of files

This activity is useful when you want your students to turn in multiple files (Word Document, Excel Files, etc…) as an assignment. When you choose the “advanced uploading of files” activity, you are brought to the following screen:


Assignment name – is required, but can be anything you like.

Description - is also required and describes the assignment. It can have full formatting using the toolbar (bold, underline, images, etc.).

Grade - sets the grade as either a number (from 1-100) or as a custom word-based scale set up in the “Scales” section (see earlier section).

Available from - lets you pick the date that your students will begin to have access to this assignment

Due Date - sets the date the assignment is due.

Prevent late submissions - if set to “Yes” then students can submit their assignment after the Due Date. Otherwise they will not be able to submit a late assignment.

Maximum size – lets you choose the maximum size of the files which will be uploaded.

Allow deleting - If enabled, participants may delete uploaded files at anytime before grading.

Maximum number of uploaded files – This is the maximum number of files each participant may upload. This number is not shown to students, so it’s best to write the actual number of requested files in the assignment description.

Allow notes - If enabled, participants may enter notes into a text area. It is similar to an online text assignment. This text box can be used for communication with the grading person, assignment progress description or any other written activity.

Hide description before available date - If enabled, assignment description is hidden before the opening date.

Email alerts to teachers If enabled, teachers are alerted with a short email whenever students add or update an assignment submission.

Common Module settings
The last two settings are common to all activities. So, we’ll discuss them at this point, but won’t talk about them for each subsequent activity. Just keep in mind that these options will always be available to you in any activity that you create:

Groups - The group mode for each activity can be one of three levels:
  • No groups - there are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community
  • Separate groups - each group can only see their own group, others are invisible
  • Visible groups - each group works in their own group, but can see other groups
Visible – If set to show, students will see the assignment. If not, the assignment will be hidden. This is useful is you want to prepare an assignment in advance (like a pop-quiz).