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2.2.2 Online Text

On online text assignment allows students to submit editable text, using the normal editing tools. Teachers can grade them online, and even add inline comments or changes. To add an Online Text assignment, click on “Online Text” under the “Add an activity” menu. This will take you to the screen:


Most of the options for this activity are the same as the “Advanced uploading of files” activity. However, there are two different options in the “Online Text” section:

Allow resubmitting - By default, students cannot resubmit assignments once the teacher has graded them. If you turn this option on, then students will be allowed to resubmit assignments after they have been graded (for you to re-grade). This may be useful if the teacher wants to encourage students to do better work in an iterative process.

Comment inline - If this option is selected, then the original submission will be copied into the feedback comment field during grading, making it easier to comment inline (using a different color, perhaps) or to edit the original text.