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2.2.5 Chat

A chat is a chat room. It is used for live-time discussions. Moodle also supplies a bulletin-board discussion space (see “Forum” below). The main difference is that Chat is a very efficient way to discuss things in live-time. If you expect your students to log in over several days at different times, then the forum is a better choice. Please note: Chat will archive a session if two (or more) people interact within a five-minute span. Otherwise, the program will not archive the session (why archive only one person talking?).

When you add a chat, you should get a screen like this:


Name of this chat room – This can be anything you like.

Introduction text – You can type anything you like here. Whatever you type will appear on the chat room’s introductory screen. This text supports formatting (bold, underline, etc.) using the tool-bar.

Next chat time – This is to advertise to students when to enter the chat room. Students may enter the chat room before the scheduled time, but this is useful to organize the start of a chat session.

Repeat sessions – This sets whether or not to advertise when the chat room will be in session. If you choose to advertise the “opening” time, you can choose whether it is a one-time chat event, a daily event, or a weekly event.

Save past sessions – This is where you set how long a chat room should be archived (from two days to “never delete”).

Everyone can view past sessions – This sets if students can see past chat sessions (the teacher can always see past (archived) sessions regardless of this setting). Please remember that a session will not archive unless there is interaction between two (or more) users within a five-minute period.

Group Mode - You can use this section to assign how groups will operate with this activity.

Visible - If it is set to “Show” will allow your students to see this page. If it is set to hide, your students will not see the page (useful if you’re still editing it!).

When finished, click the save changes button.