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2.2.6 Choice

A choice is basically a poll. When you add a choice, you ask a question, and supply two or more answers to the question. Then students may vote. This only asks one question at a time, so works well as a poll, but would not work well as a multiple choice test (that is under the quiz module). One great way to use this is to hand out topic assignments to your class on a first-come, first-serve basis. To add a “Choice,” select “Choice” from the “Add” menu. This will take you to the “Choice” screen:

imageAt this point, add a name and a question. The question (”Choice text”) can be formatted (bold, underline, etc.) using the tool-bar. Then fill in the possible answers in the “Choice #” boxes. If you enable the limit, you can set a limit for the number of responses for each choice. If you need more choices, press the “Add 3 fields to form” button. You also have the option to restrict when the students can vote on the choice. Next, you can set the display mode for the choices. (If you’ve got a long list, I recommend vertically, rather than horizontally). You may then choose when to publish the results of the choice – never, after a student votes, after the poll closes (based on the closing time you set) - or you can select to always have the results available. You then choose how the results are displayed: with student names, or anonymously. You then set if students may update (or change) their vote. You may also select if you want students to see a list of who has not yet answered the choice with the “Show column for unanswered” field (teachers always see who has not yet answered). You also can set Group options and choose if this activity is visible to students. When finished, click on “Save changes.”