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1.1 Administering Your Class

Probably the most important block for the teacher is the Administration block. By
default, on the left-hand side of the screen are the administrative tools for your class. A brief synopsis of each link is as follows:
1Turn editing on - allows you to make changes to your class.

Settings - allows you to change the look of your class (more on this later).

Assign Roles – allows you to set roles for your class (much more on this later).

Groups - allows you to establish group settings for your class (more on this later).

Backup - allows your class data to be backed up.

Restore - allows you to restore old class data (that was previously backed up).

Import – allows you to transfer data from another course you are currently teaching.

Reset – allows you to remove user data from your course, while retaining activities and resources.

Reports - shows you all of the activity in your class for a set amount of time.

Questions - This link takes you directly to your question bank, which you can use to generate questions for your quizzes.

Scales - allows you to define special scales for evaluation. These are made up of word evaluations (i.e., Excellent, Good, Average, etc.).

Files - allows you to upload files to your “classroom,” or to view any files that are already there.

Grades - lists the grades of the tests and quizzes of each enrolled student.