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Branch tables are simply pages which have a set of links to other pages in the lesson. Typically a lesson may start with a branch table which acts as a table of contents. They are used for navigation in the lesson. Branches give the students choices of where to go in the lesson. There are no “Responses” fields like the ones found in standard Pages. When a branch ends, you can have the lesson end, or you can have the program jump back to the original branch page. An example might be helpful. Here is a branch page:


Clicking on “Click here to learn more about safety” would take the students to pages about safety. You, as the teacher, define where the buttons jump to – it could be the next page, or it could be to page 27 (if you had one).

To add a branch, click on “Add a Branch Table.” This will take you to a
screen like this:


Add the name of the page, and add the contents of the page. The contents can be fully formatted (bold, italics, etc.) using the format bar. You can also choose if you wish to “arrange branch buttons horizontally in slideshow mode” and if you want to “display in left menu”. You then fill in the various Description boxes (you do not have to use them all). You then can choose where the page will “jump” to if this description is chosen. You can always select “This page” (which will just refresh the current page), “Next page” (which will take to the next page in the lesson) or “Previous page” (which will take you the page before this one). Once you have inserted other branches and/or question pages, you will also see their names as selections here. You will also have the option to jump to the end of the lesson. Note that you may want to jump to a page you have not yet created. If that is the case, you create the page you want later, and then come back and edit this branch table so it will point to the correct page. When you are finished, click on “Add a branch table.” My example looks like this:


Note that both of the “Jump” fields have “This page” set. I would need to go back and change those when and if I added more pages. Also notice that we now have a variety of links at the top and bottom. In addition to the “import questions” and “add a Branch table”, we also have “add a Cluster”, “add an end of cluster”, “add an End of Branch”, and “add a question page here”.