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This is the standard page of a lesson. These pages consist of information, questions, responses and “jump to” menus. Click on “Add a Question Page here” above or below the current page (depending if you want to add it above or below the current page). This will take you to a screen like this:


Before adding a question, you might want to note that a great overview of Lessons is found by clicking on the “?” at the top of the page. Type a page title and the page contents. The page contents may be formatted (bold, italics, etc.) by using the tool-bar. After the page contents are several fields for “Answers” and “Responses” and selections for “jump to” menus. Typically, you will end the page content with a question. Each answer is a possible answer to that question, and each response is optional information that will display if the student picks that answer. At the top of the page, there are tabs labeled “Question Type.” This allows you to pick the style of question that you want. Note the help “?” next to the menu. This help screen is very useful if you want more details on a type of question. In most questions, you put in the Answers in order, but the system will scramble them when the students see them. There are several choices:

Multiple Choice

When you are finished creating the question, click on “Add a Question Page.” My example now looks like this (this is the teacher view, with answers):