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If your lesson is graded, the system computes the number of right and wrong answers to compute a grade. A right answer is any answer than moves the user to a page DOWN in the logical order (the screen we have been looking at). A wrong answer is any answer that sends a user UP in the logical order or has the user stay on the same page. Remember that the logical order (what you as the teacher see) and the navigational order (what the student sees) do not have to be the same (but they can be, depending on your lesson). Grades are computed only from the logical order. The first page of a branch table (the one with the navigational buttons) is not graded. The logical order versus the navigational order can be confusing. The logical order is the order you see when building the lesson. The navigational order is what the student sees when taking the lesson (and what you can check by clicking on the “Check navigation” link). Note that essays must be manually graded.