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To add a matching question, select “Matching” from the pull-down menu. This will take you to the matching question editing screen:


Fill out a question name that you will recognize, and then write the “big” question – this is the introduction the student sees in the “question text” field. This could be “Match the following questions with the correct answers,” or “Match the name of the president with the year he was elected,” or anything else you like. Note that you can add an image, assign the default question grade, apply a penalty factor and include general feedback. You then need to fill in at least 3 questions that will be matched to the answers you provide. The “questions” can be one word to be matched to the answer. Each matching part is worth an equal amount (if you have four matches, each is worth 25% of the whole question. The whole question then can be weighted on the quiz – more on weighting later).