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To create a short answer question, select Short Answer from the “Create new question” pull-down menu. This will bring you to the short answer question screen:


Fill in the question name (something that will tell you what the question is) and the question itself. The question can have multiple “answers.” This can be very flexible. You can make a fill-in-the-blank (Matt is ___ years old), or just ask for answers (Name the first 3 presidents). One big caution to pass on to students: a misspelled answer is WRONG (unless you put in the right answer and the 2 or 3 most common misspellings – that would work).

Note that you can choose to force case sensitivity if you desire. You can also set the total points for this question and a Penalty factor, like in our other question types.

Above each answer is the “Grade” field. The total points of the question must equal 100%. In the case of the presidents question above, you would make each answer worth 33% of the question. In the case of the fill-in-the-blank question, one answer (33 years old right now…) would be worth 100%.

You can have multiple answers be worth 100% (in the case of listing common misspellings, or in the case of “Name 1 of the first 3 Presidents” – where 3 answers would be worth 100% each).

You may also fill in feedback for each answer. This feedback would only appear if they submitted that particular answer. If you wanted them to see feedback when they answered incorrectly, you could use the general feedback section. That feedback could show the student the correct answer if the student guesses wrong, even if the wrong answer is not in the list of answers.

Once you are finished, click on “Save changes.” This will take you back to the quiz screen, and the new question should be.