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Activity Tools

The glossary are most often used to list difficult terms related to the subject of a course and explain them. Links to outside information sources, pictures and attachments are possible. In some courses students will be expected to add to the word list. These entries can be commented/evaluated by others. Glossaries can normally be printed out using the Print icon (but be aware that printing a large glossary will use up a lot of paper!).

Glossary entries can be linked automatically to pages in the course, so that you can get glossary explanations for words by clicking on them.


Add a new Entry

The Add a new entry button appears only when students are allowed to contribute new entries to the glossary. Normally, these entries must be approved by the teacher before they become visible to others. Your student entries usually remain editable to you and you may also delete them. Student entries may be added to the main glossary of a course by the teacher. The secondary glossary can also be used to create a place where students can upload and download files using the attachment option.



If you decide to link your glossary entry to the course materials, this will link every instance of the word on every course material page where the word occurs to your glossary entry. Therefore you should only autolink to really important terms, so as to avoid plastering course pages with glossary links. If you include keywords with an autolinked entry, the keywords too will link to the entry from the course pages. Select Match whole words only to avoid linking to word combinations and derivates (so that the word “man” will not also link to “woman”).