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Activity Tools

The Journal tool in Moodle can be used it to keep notes of your progress during a course, i.e. you can return to this tool as many times as you like and add or change information. It works with the same editor as the forum and it is therefore easy to use. The teacher can read your messages and give comments or advice (which you are encouraged to read).

A new learning diary may look like this:


When you write a learning diary make sure that you clearly separate your entries from one another and that you date them. A diary with a few entries could look like this:


When you have started writing, your teacher can comment on and grade your work. Be aware that you can always return to your journal and update or correct your entries for as long as the journal is open (and of course the teacher too can change the feedback (and the grade, if any) according to how well you do). A journal page with feedback from the teacher looks something like this:


The journal tool is slowly being phased out in favour of other tools like the online text assignment and the blog. It may not return in future versions of Moodle.