About BC-RPO
BC-RPO Overview

The research program of the College aims to develop the research capability of its faculty and staff. Central to the program is the goal of increasing research productivity of its human resource in order to build a knowledge base that the school and community could tap for institutional and community development.


Research undertakings in the college are guided by the research agenda identified by the different departments and units. Such that the relevance of the research projects to the research agenda of the school is given prime consideration. This is to ensure that research outputs would be beneficial for institutional planning, decision-making and policy formulation thereby putting the departments and units that endorse research projects on a better position of achieving its goals and targets.


The college believes that the research agenda of an organization are supposed to be context-based and dynamic. The college observes due care in ensuring that the research agenda are adaptive and relevant to the dynamic nature of the organization or discipline for which it is being crafted.


The research program has five components namely, Institutional Rsearch Coordination (IRC), Collaborative Research Coordination (CRC), Research Publication and Dissemination (RPD), Research Capability Enhancement (RCE) and Research Funding. These program components are construed vital in achieving institutional research goals.



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