Brokenshire College is committed to provide value-oriented quality Christian education through continuous improvement and total involvement for customer satisfaction.


The charter of Brokenshire College and the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines provide the impetus, substance and shape of the thought and action of the college.

    1. To the cause of Christian education, the development of Christian character and values and personal discipline among students;
    2. To provide training for the development of the physical, mental, emotional skills;
    3. To assist individuals in attaining their potentials as human beings in order to enhance the range and quality of life; and,
    4. To train students in rudiments and functions of a democratic society in order to be socially responsible.

B .Brokenshire College shall work and live to develop students:

  1. Who are informed and aware of the social, political, economic and cultural forces dynamically working in society;
  2. Whose potentials for critical thinking and research are fully developed;
  3. Who are intellectually and professionally competent and honest; and
  4. Who are morally and ethically sensitive to social concerns.

    1. The administration, faculty, staff and students who are:
      1. Knowledgeable of the best thoughts and values of humankind;
      2. Conversant with the economic, political, social and cultural heritage in relation to the realities of Philippine life, in particular, and of the world, in general; and
      3. Observant with the Core Values such as integrity, justice, service, excellence, compassion transformational leadership and faith.
  1. A methodology of teaching, a system of learning and valuation that will:
    1. Recognize the dignity of every person;
    2. Develop one’s capacity to critical thinking and research; and
    3. Cultivate social responsibility and action guided by Christian values;
  2. A decision-making process that will:
    1. Make use of the fullest contribution of various sectors; and
    2. Develop the capabilities for reflection and action in the college community.
  3. A curriculum and co-curricular program that foster development towards:
    1. Creative thinking;
    2. Human dignity, responsibility and values;
    3. Social awareness; and

    1. Reflect the values of justice and equality;
    2. The dignity of labor, and
    3. The development of commitment to duty, competence and excellence;

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