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Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) is a graduate program designed to prepare professional nurses for teaching, managerial and supervisory roles in healthcare institutions.

In its aim to prepare students for managerial and supervisory roles, the MAN program trains students on the essentials of good leadership and managerial responsibilities so that they will be able to effectively and efficiently operate healthcare organizations and hospitals.

For nurses who want to teach nursing in educational institutions, an MAN is essential. The MAN program equips students with the concepts and theories in education and how they can apply these to clinical nursing programs. Colleges and universities offering the program seldom hire nurses who do not have a master’s degree.

An MAN is also important for practicing nurses who are seeking higher positions in hospitals. The length of work/hospital experience together with an MAN, increases the chances of a nurse to be promoted in supervisory roles in hospitals.

There are two types of graduate programs related to the Master of Arts in Nursing degree:


  • Hold a BS in Nursing degree:To be admitted in the MAN program, an applicant must have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.
  • Hospital Experience: required applicants a minimum length of nursing work experience.
  • Graduate School Entrance Exam: pass the Master in Nursing entrance examination conducted by the college.


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