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1.) Each student should have a copy of his/her evaluation card where all grades are recorded and updated every semester. During enrollment, the student should present his card to the adviser to facilitate evaluation of subjects taken and units earned as well as the subjects to be enrolled in the semester.

2.) Take note of the Pre-requisite subjects to be taken ahead of higher or major subjects, e.g. English 1 should be taken ahead of all other English subjects;

3.)All male and female students are required to complete six (6) units of National Service Training Program (NSTP).

4.)All students are expected to complete NSTP subjects at the end of the second semester of the first curriculum year while PE subjects should be completed at the end of the second semester of the second curriculum year.

5.)All students are expected to follow the subjects sequence in the curriculum every semester. Students are not allowed to take advance subjects (except summer), especially those with failing grades and lacking subjects in a previous semester.

6.)Regular academic load per semester should not exceed the number of units prescribed in the approved curriculum. During the summer term, the maximum load is nine (9) units.

7.)Graduating students may be given an overload not exceeding three (3) units during the regular semester and three (3) units during the summer term.



1.) Registrar’s office - fill out application form.

2.) Business office – pay for the entrance examination fee .

3.) Counseling and Psychological Wellness Center (CPWC/Guidance Center)

Present official receipt (OR) for scheduling of entrance examination.

Take the exam in any schedules set by Counseling and Psychological Wellness Center(CPWC), (please bring the following: Official Receipt and Application Form)

4.) Registrar’s Office – present test result and get list of requirements and proceed to school clinic to get a referral form for laboratory exam.

5.) Processing of requirements-please refer to List of requirements.

6.) School clinic – Submit laboratory results for physical and dental exam

Note: Please arrange the requirements according to the list. Staple and place them inside in a long yellow expanded envelope.

7.) Registrar’s – Submit all the requirements for checking

8.) Interview and notice to enroll.



1.) Admissions office – Present transcript of records for pre-evaluation.

2.) Business office – Pay the evaluation fee .

3.) Registrar’s office- submit TOR for crediting of subjects and subjects to be enrolled in a semester. (Evaluation Result)

Note: follow procedure 1-8 for regular students.

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