Photo above: Lumad children lining up to receive their gifts from the Brokenshire Staff

Last December 16, 2016, after attending the Institutional Christmas Party, Pastor Michelle Ilano (Chaplain) in coordination with the Counseling & Psychological Wellness Center (CPWC) of Brokenshire college had their out-reach program for the Lumad evacuees in Haran.


The Gift-giving to Lumad Evacuees is the suggestion of the Brokenshire College Chaplain Pastor Michelle Ilano with the approval of the Haran Representative/Coordinator (Ms. Beryl Grace Avila) in coordination with the Counseling & Psychological Wellness Center (CPWC) Personnel (Agni May Tupas, Serlinda Ramirez and Orga Te) the UCCP National Office representative (Lilian Hazel Navarra) and the Lumad Chieftain (Datu Min Malibato.)


The schedule of the outreach program or gift-giving was held after the Institutional Christmas party of the institution last December 16, 2016. Pastor Ilano who spearheaded the activity announced during the Christmas party that anyone can join in the activity.


Arriving to Haran, Pastor Michelle realized that the gifts given by the Brokenshire staff differs a lot, some containing food and some containing non-food (toiletries, etc) so Pastor Ilano and the CPWC staff immediately divided the gifts while some personnel of the Haran is still gathering the Lumad families. 

Photo above: Pastor Michelle Ilano (Chaplain) and Agni May Tupas (Head, CPWC) are organizing the gifts for the Lumad evacuees.

When the Lumad families are already gathered, Pastor Ilano introduced themselves and the Brokenshire College as a teaching ministry and told them their purpose which is to express their concern and love and to let the Lumad know the true essence of Christmas. “It is my greatest desire that we all be encouraged to practice the real message of giving, which is to freely give without expecting something in return. Such is our humble way of celebrating the real meaning of Christmas” – Pastor Michelle Ilano.

“To see our Lumad brothers and sisters happily receive their gifts brings so much joy to my heart. It is also gratifying to see that many of the Brokenshire College employees responded whole-heartedly to the call of giving gifts for the Lumad evacuees in Haran. I hope that it will become a practice of our institution (being a Christian teaching-learning institution) to give to the needy as a way of celebrating Christmas” – Pastor Michelle Ilano.


Photo above: Agni may Tupas and Serlinda Ramirez (CPWC Head & Staff) giving gifts to the children and families.

The Lumad children were lining up to get their individual gifts which is a loot bag with food and toys inside. After the gifts were distributed to children, it is the adults turn to receive their gifts. One representative per family will get the gift which includes food and non-food items.


After the children and the families were given their gifts, Pastor Ilano facilitated some games for both children and adult giving the excess gifts as prizes. The games helped the activity get livelier and it encourages cooperation with the evacuees and at the same time making it fun. After the games, Pastor Ilano closed the activity with a prayer focusing on the theme of the Christmas essence.

Photo above: L-R Orge Te (CPWC staff), Pastor Michelle Ilano (Chaplain), Agni May Tupas (Head, CPWC) and Serlinda Ramirez (CPWC staff) are brightly smiling with some of the Lumad evacuees.


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